Emergency Planning

The Cleverdata Emergency Contact Directory provides a single record-keeping source for all potential contacts in an emergency situation.  A record is maintained of how up-to-date your data is and a checking mailshot can be created and selectively sent to contact records which need to be updated.  This single data source can be distributed, as a whole or in sub-sets, to partner agencies as required.  The one data set is used for …

Emergency Plan Contact Lists & Mailshots

Sub-lists & Alerting Cascades

Plan Distribution & Lending

Training Records


The Cleverdata Reception Centre Registration application can be used in any temporary situation where a group of people need to be quickly registered.  A postcode lookup system for the local area helps with the speed and accuracy of input.  Residents movements can be monitored so that at any time it is known who and how many people are in the centre.  Records of medical requirements, special diets, etc help in the planning of the care of the residents.  Records can be efficiently electronically distributed to partner agencies.