Is your data clever?

Data Management Solutions

On-site or remote support via e-mail, phone or live desktop link.

If we don’t know the answer, we may know someone who does!

Customised one-to-one or small group training, tailored to your requirements.

We will create a structured training programme just for you.

If you can’t find a database to fit your needs or if your data has outgrown your current system, we will build a new application for you.

Customised data solutions created in MS Excel, and in MS Access with VBA.

A few quotations from our customers:

“Cleverdata worked well for us at our annual agricultural show.”

“… the show went perfect.  The Cleverdata system went so smoothly!!  No complaints at all”

”I’ve just completed my refunds and carry forwards to date for our cancelled show – all working great, thank you.  The carry forward is such a time saver.”

“You’re a genius!!  Thank you so much for helping with this, I would never have worked that out on my own!”

“… it’s working brilliantly for us, an incident earlier in the year was investigated by the Home Office, it gave a great result in regards to our competency recording.”

“It’s wonderful that you are at the end of the phone!”

“The contract booking system runs my business very nicely for me!”

“Our exhibitor cards have never printed so perfectly!”

“… you’re a miracle worker!  Thanks, it’s all working now and my templates from last year are now imported for the current year.  Thanks so much for sorting that out for me”

“Just gave a glowing report of Cleverdata … in the end the lady on the phone asked if I was your sister!!!!”

“I have just managed to have a go with the new school reporting labels – this works an absolute treat!”

“We have just had our end of year Home Office review and were given a very low risk rating which means our data management systems in place are good.”


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Phone: +44 (0)1228 670542  or  +44 (0)7774 124 204