Start here

If you think you could make better use of your data and would like to discuss the possibility of working with Cleverdata to find a solution, here’s where to start …

Ask yourself … what data is important to you and how is that data handled now?

Consider your current data handling procedures and make a list of the information which your data should provide, for example:

    • An index of a long document
    • Detailed invoice documents to send to clients by e-mail
    • Customers who have bought from a particular product range in the past
    • The sales patterns of seasonal products
    • Tenancies which are due to reach their end date in the next 6 months
    • All recipients of bursaries from a particular donor
    • Trade contacts who exhibited at the last show
    • Judges who have – or have not – been invited to your show in the past 5 years
    • Staff whose competencies are due for re-assessment

Gather sample documents representing how you currently manage your data, add notes as to how you think the processes could be improved and highlight gaps in your information.

Contact Cleverdata to explain what you think you need.  We will look at the material you have gathered and speak to you to learn about your organisation and the information which your data should provide.

When we understand your requirements we will produce a proposal as to how we can work together.   This may be by supporting you in the way you manage your data or by providing training so that you can develop your data management skills.  Or, we may propose a new Cleverdata application to fulfil your data management requirements.

Before beginning any work on behalf of our clients we will detail, quote and agree the work Cleverdata is going to do for you.