Application Development

In the mid-1990s we were approached by a Cumbrian estate to develop a costing model for corporate activity days.  We built the system using Microsoft Works and it was very effective.  This was the first data management solution we created.  This exercise demonstrated to us how a clear idea of what you need, an analytical process of working out how to achieve that and some simple tools can turn a mass of data into useful information.

Since that time we have worked with many businesses throughout the UK and further afield – including a dairy business in the Falkland Islands – to deliver comprehensive data management solutions.

Today our applications are built using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Access.  We support our clients with their in-house projects or build customised user-friendly database applications.  Whether you are starting from a paper system, or have outgrown a spreadsheet or a previous database, we can work with you to deliver a solution to fulfil your data management requirements.

If you already hold useful data in a format which can be extracted into a new Cleverdata application, eg. in a spreadsheet or database, then we may also be able to transfer this data and pre-populate your Cleverdata system.

Please talk to us and we can start the planning process together … it may not be as daunting as it first seems!

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